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4 Easy Steps to a Better Insulated Home

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The idea of improving your home's insulation can be intimidating to some. But it's a rather simple process that we do every day! As exterior home improvement experts, we know how your siding, windows, doors, roof and insulation work together to improve your home's comfort and energy efficiency. Your part in the process is quite easy. Here are the 4 easy steps to a better insulated home.

Looking to increase your home’s comfort all year long? Improved insulation and air sealing can be key. Plus, you can take advantage of rebates from Focus on Energy – saving you up to 20% on installation.

So you’ve noticed your home is drafty or your air conditioner is running overtime and it’s time for some new insulation. Great news: you’ve come to the right place.

S&E Insulation, a division of Allrite Home & Remodeling, has been making Southeastern Wisconsin homes more energy efficient and comfortable for nearly 20 years! We know insulation inside and out – and while there’s definitely many factors that go in to play – as a homeowner, the process is quite simple:

Step 1: Get in Touch with Us

When you’re ready for new insulation and air sealingour experts will help you every step of the way. We can answer any questions you might have about improving your home’s insulation. We’ll guide you through the process and ensure you’re maximizing incentives from the Focus on Energy program and Milwaukee’s Me2 Program.


Step 2: Home Energy Assessment

In order to take advantage of Focus on Energy rebates of approximately 20% of installation costs, completing a home energy assessment is necessary to get the ball rolling. During a thorough inspection of your home, an energy assessor will complete a variety of tests to determine the energy efficiency of your home. (Learn how and why we partner with specialty assessors.) You might see them using an infrared thermal imaging tool or blower door draft tester to pinpoint areas of your home susceptible to air leaks, excess moisture and unsafe venting. They’ll also do a visual inspection of your home’s exterior, roof and attic to see if ice damming, mold or drafts are an issue. When the assessment is complete, the assessor provides a report of their findings. This guides the insulation process.

This process typically costs about $400, and is necessary to take advantage of any Focus on Energy rebates. 

Step 3: Insulation & Air Sealing of Your Home

After reviewing your home’s energy assessment with you and discussing a plan for improving your home’s insulation, our expert insulation installation crews take over. We’ll install insulation in under-insulated areas of your home, air seal where necessary and make your home more comfortable.

Step 4: The Final Inspection

After the insulation and air sealing work is complete, the home energy assessor returns to complete a final inspection of your home. He or she will perform the same tests and confirm that the readings are now much improved – and your home is far more energy efficient – than the initial assessment. Lastly, we take care of all of the necessary paperwork to secure your Focus on Energy rebates, which is definitely an added bonus.

Then: Enjoy your Home – and Energy Savings!

Congratulations! You’ll have improved your home’s comfort, increased its energy efficiency and can enjoy reduced energy bills by adding insulation to your home.

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