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Allrite wins Gold at the 2020 Remodeler of the Year Awards

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Each year, the Milwaukee Chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry hosts the Remodeler of the Year Awards. These awards recognize NARI Milwaukee members that have demonstrated excellence in remodeling and home improvement. This year, we took home a 2020 NARI Milwaukee Remodeler of the Year Gold Award in the “Residential Exterior Under $50,000” category for our work on this gorgeous Milwaukee-area home.

We’re honored to be recognized among our peers in the remodeling industry. Congratulations to all the winners!

When the homeowners bought this home, they knew that it needed an extreme visual makeover. They dreamed of an updated, striking exterior that modernized the home. During the planning phase, some major structural and functional problems were discovered. Budget was a major concern, so we had to find creative ways to improve the overall health of the home and select materials that were both durable and modern – ensuring that their home remains safe and beautiful for years to come.


Our hard work, dedication to delivering on the homeowners’ needs and superior craftsmanship all contributed to a successful project. We are excited to announce we were honored with a NARI Milwaukee 2020 Remodeler of the Year Gold Award in the category “Residential Exterior Under $50,000.”

The homeowner specified three priorities over the course of this project:

1. Modernize & improve curb appeal

The goal was to update the look of the home with contemporary textures, styling, colors and materials.

2. Fix melted siding & sinking deck

All exterior projects needed to be completed as quickly as possible – we tackled many problem areas simultaneously.

3. Stay on budget

Staying within budget was essential – so we had to get creative with products and problem-solving.


The project included:

Updating Siding & Trim

Bland and damaged, the tan siding, cedar trim and corner posts needed to be replaced for structural and visual reasons. The rounded accents and curved posts looked outdated. The homeowner was initially thinking about gray vinyl siding. While a trendy color now … based on their desires to modernize – we suggested something bolder. Our design consultant put together the beautiful combination of blue-gray siding, stone veneer and synthetic cedar accents – wowing the homeowners and giving them a visually stunning home with curb appeal and low maintenance.

Fixing a Sinking Deck and Melted Siding

Our crews noticed the multi-level deck looked a little crooked and the safety was a huge concern. After inspection, we determined that the bottom of the deck posts were rotten and sinking, threatening the integrity of the entire structure. An easy but important fix: we put in temporary supports, removed the failing posts and replaced them.

Several sections of siding appeared warped and melted, and the homeowners were puzzled about the cause. We quickly identified the problem: the windows were reflecting sunlight onto the siding and the extreme heat caused the siding to melt over time. Moving or replacing windows was not ideal nor in the budget – so we applied a special anti-reflective coating to the windows that were poorly placed and causing damage. The coating will prevent the new siding from melting without obstructing views or light intake.

Improving Ventilation

There was inadequate ventilation in the attic of the home. When we replaced a failing ridge cap, we upgraded and improved the ridge vent for better exhaust ventilation. Additionally, we installed an aluminum hidden continuous soffit vent system to improve intake ventilation.

Not only were we able to tackle the job we were originally hired to do – remove and replace siding and trim –we faced additional challenges head-on and came up with creative solutions to fix them. We were able to stay on budget so the family would end up with a safe, updated, modern home with incredible curb appeal. The homeowner loves the work we completed for them and we’re honored to have received a 2020 Remodeler of the Year Gold Award for this project!



Want to know more about what went into this project? See additional photos and a list of products used in our Gallery feature >>





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