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10 Quick Tips to Get Your Home’s Exterior Ready for Cold Weather


Fall: the time for pumpkins, sweaters, falling leaves ... and raking. Lots of raking. Fall is also a great time to prep your home for winter. We have 10 quick tips to help you ensure your home's exterior is ready for cold weather.

At Allrite, we know how important your home’s exterior is to its overall health – and we want to help you keep it in the best shape possible.

With colder weather quickly approaching, it’s time to get your home prepped for frigid temperatures, biting winds and all that Wisconsin winters have to offer. These quick tips from Allrite will help you ensure that your home is ready and your family stays comfortable and warm.

Allrite Home & Remodeling’s Cold Weather Checklist:


Inspect your home’s exterior, siding and masonry. Repair any gaps or holes to keep out cold air, moisture and pests. Pay special attention to areas where pipes or wires enter the house. Caulk and repair as needed. For stone or brick homes, check the masonry. Inspect your sills, for weather damage. Contact a qualified mason for expert repair if needed.



Check your gutters and downspouts for leaf pileups. Clogged gutters could lead to damaged roofing or siding. Sick of cleaning your gutters? Consider a gutter-guard system.



Prepare for snow pileups and melting by ensuring your downspouts and grading are adequate. To properly move water away from the foundation, the ground should slope away from your house, dropping at least two or three inches every ten feet. And depending upon the slope of your grading, downspout extensions of 4-10 feet are advisable.



Turn off any external hoses and faucets to protect your pipes from freezing or bursting.



Care for trees and shrubs by pruning dead or unstable limbs to avoid collisions from falling branches. Need help from an arborist? Find one here.



Airsealing measures like weatherstripping around doors and windows will help keep you more comfortable and lower your energy costs.



If improving your home’s insulation is something you’ve been considering, now a great time to start the process. Plus, you can take advantage of Focus on Energy rebates and incentives. Learn more about the process by reading our 4 Easy Steps to a Better Insulated Home here.


Be sure to rake your yard after all the leaves fall to avoid inhibiting grass growth next spring.



Have your fireplace chimney inspected before use. Proper maintenance and cleaning is essential but often under-performed. Looking for a qualified professional to help? Find one here.



If you have older windows, now’s the time to inspect, repair and re-install your storm windows. Have you been dreaming about replacement windows? From improved functionality and energy efficiency to easier maintenance – replacement windows pay dividends. Our skilled crews replace windows all year round – including winter months!

Now is the time to check your roofsidingwindowsgutters and overall home exterior to ensure it is all in good condition to keep you safe, warm and dry during the Wisconsin winter months… all 8 of them. 😉

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