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How & When to Insulate a Cathedral Ceiling

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In the past, cathedral ceilings weren’t insulated because of the lack of space within the structure. The open-air structure requires insulation to be replaced from the outside, between the roof and the ceiling itself.

Allrite Home & Remodeling has a specialty division of insulation experts in our subsidiary company, S & E Insulation. S & E is a Focus on Energy Trade Ally. Together, we are Milwaukee’s roofing and insulation experts. We can help ensure your home’s comfort is improved – AND – you reap all the rebates and incentives possible for your municipality.

When it comes to cathedral ceilings, the positives are undeniable. Their high symmetrical slopes create an added spaciousness to otherwise compact spaces, and their elegant, regal aesthetic elevates the overall look and feel of your home’s interior.

Their one major — and often costly — downside: they can be brutal for climate control because they’re rarely insulated properly, if at all.

What’s the deal with cathedral ceilings and insulation?

Initially, cathedral ceilings weren’t insulated because of the lack of space within the structure itself. Ordinary ceiling designs can utilize attic space, allowing you to insulate from the inside and keep that insulation hidden from sight. Cathedral ceilings’ open-air structure requires insulation to be installed or replaced from the outside, between the roof and the ceiling itself.

Around the early 1970s, as a response to frustratingly high energy bills, homeowners began hiring contractors to insulate their cathedral ceilings. However the newness of the process — combined with low-quality materials and unproven techniques — often resulted in poorly insulated ceilings that continued to leak air and also led to build-ups of condensation, which caused damage to the structure itself.

It wasn’t until roughly 30 years later that our industry perfected the ways to insulate cathedral ceilings without causing more headaches for the homeowner.

Double down to get more long-term bang for your buck

As we mentioned earlier, the most effective and successful way to insulate a cathedral ceiling is through the outside. So, the next time you schedule roof replacement, take advantage of the situation and have your cathedral ceiling properly insulated. Though the cost will be a bit higher than you were initially planning to spend on roofing alone, the long term savings — and benefits — will more than make up for it.

Allrite offers both roofing and insulation work, allowing you to keep both jobs under the same roof. (Ha! Pun intended!) Get peace of mind knowing both jobs will be done by a name you can trust. 

If your cathedral ceiling is letting comfort out and high energy bills in, it might be time to have it properly insulated with the Allrite / S & E Insulation team. Contact us for a free consultation.

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