Mequon, WI

Work Performed:

Roof and Gutters

Products Used:

  • Davinci BellaForte synthetic cedar shake in Tahoe
  • Aluminum 6" seamless gutters with 4" downspouts

Project Location:

Mequon, WI

Design Consultant:

Nick Schliepp CRS, CRPM

In Mequon you can find a lot of homes with real cedar roofs. This particular home was only 24 years old and the cedar roof looked much older. Meeting with the Homeowners Association, we were able to have them change their bylaws to allow an alternative to cedar while maintaining the thickness, look, and color of cedar. DaVinci Roofscapes offer many different profiles in both shake and slate to accomplish this with. We chose to use the DaVinci Bellaforte in Tahoe for the roof, this gives off a brown tone in color which mimics the cedar s aging process to the eventual grey tone. However, using DaVinci the color will stay for the test of time along with their product.