The Signs that it is Time to Build a New Deck

Spring is here and it is time to head outside for the season. Whether you use your deck for quiet relaxing outdoors or for large family and friend get togethers, you want your deck to look great and not cause unnecessary concern. Deteriorating decks can lead to injury or damage to your house or yard. Contact Allrite Home & Remodeling if you notice any of the following signs on your current deck.

Rotting or Loose Posts

Posts hold the foundation of your deck in place, so if a post is rotting or loose, this can not only be a structural issue but a safety one as well. Posts lose strength as they decay and eventually they will not be able to hold the weight of the deck. Having posts replaced by professional deck builders is the safest and only option for your deck.

Unsecured Ledger Boards

Ledger boards are an important part of your deck. They secure the deck to your home. A ledger board that is rotting or not secured properly to your home can cause the deck to fall off the house completely!

Another critical component to look at is the ledger flashing. Ledger flashing is what keeps water from getting between the deck and the ledger that attaches to your house. Making sure that this is not rotting, deteriorating or missing is essential to the lasting structure of your deck.


Boards that are starting to splinter and break apart are a sign of deterioration. Check boards to make sure that they are not starting to split from age and wear. If left untreated, this can cause splinters to embed into the feet of family, friends, and pets. We use only PVC and composite decking which looks like wood, but is built to last without need for staining and no worry about splinters.

Cracked Boards

A cracked board is weakened and not able to maintain the weight it previously was meant to handle. Replacing cracked or worn boards are important. If several boards have begun to crack and break, then replacing the deck is in order. If left to continue, a cracking board will eventually break completely and could become a safety concern.

Swaying and Shaking Railings

Loose railings will not cause your deck to collapse. However, they are a significant safety hazard. Railings that are secured by nails alone will always eventually come loose. A quality deck builder such as Allrite Home & Remodeling will secure railings with bolts, washers, and nuts to ensure a more stable product. Never ignore a loose railing, especially if you have small children, as they can come loose and break which could result in a serious fall and injury.