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S & E Insulation is Wisconsin's Premier Insulation Company faithfully serving all of Southeastern Wisconsin since 1992. We are a family owned and operated company seeking to insulate your home and keep your energy costs down.

Filler PhotoImproving the weatherization of your Wisconsin home has never been more important or easy as it is today. With S & E Insulation, we have generations of experience in the insulation and home energy weatherization industry.

Home energy costs continue to rise, and who can afford that? We know that with the proper products and right installing specialists, your home or office energy bills can decrease and you can increase your comfort levels.

Home Weatherization

With energy cost on the rise, we have to be mindful of our homes and where our energy is going. Our primary focus is the weatherization of homes. With many different processes we can assess whether your energy loss is coming from insulation, air sealing, or ventilation.

Sound Deadening

Sound deadening insulation is used to insulate or pack the cavity of a room or several rooms to reduce noise. This is perfect if you want a study or a theater room.

Ice Damming Prevention

Ice Damming can be dangerous. The situation arises when heat and warm air leaking from the living space below melt the snow, which runs down to the colder edge of the roof (above the eaves) and refreezes.

Many Insulation Products to Choose From

Filler PhotoWe offer a variety of insulation products:

  • Fiberglass insulation
  • Cellulose Insulation
  • Closed Cell Polyurethane
  • and more