Why Choose Us

S & E Insulation is Wisconsin's premier insulation company. We were founded in 1992, as a family owned and operated business, we focus on insuring that your home and your business are safe from the elements. S & E Insulation is an accredited member of the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau and an award winning servicing company by Angie's list for several years running. We focus on supplying our customers with premium products and premium service.

S & E Insulation Company is part of the Allrite Home & Remodeling family. As a sister company, we are able to provide to you services that may affect your home such as windows, roofing and other items without any hassle. S & E Insulation is the largest independent insulation company in Wisconsin serving all of the Southeastern Wisconsin.

As Certified Energy Professionals we can recommend proper levels of insulation be it your attic, basement finish, additions, custom homes, commercial, and anything in between. Green/green-fiber home insulation, we make upgrade suggestions and insulate homes for noise control.

There are a variety of insulations to choose from including Fiber Glass Insulation, Cellulose Insulation, Foam Insulation and even Cotton Insulation. We offer other items to reduce your heating costs. Contact S & E Insulation Services today to get a free quote on how we can save you money.


2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Department of Energy Home Performance with Energy Star Century Club Award


Energy Star Century Club AwardAngie's List 2016 Super Service AwardAngie's List 2015 Super Service AwardAngie's List 2012 - 2014 Super Service AwardAngie's List 2009-2011 Super Service AwardAngie's List 2008 Super Service AwardAngie's List 2007 Super Service Award