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Milwaukee’s Home Insulation Experts: S & E Insulation

S & E Insulation is a division of Allrite Home & Remodeling

Insulation by S & E Insulation

Looking for help maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home? How about reducing your energy bills? Yep & yep, we can help! As one of Milwaukee’s most-requested insulation experts, we will guide you on how to choose the best type of insulation you need for your home. If walking up to your second story is like entering a whole new climate, or your roof is unintentionally decorated with icicles, it’s time to call the S & E Insulation team at Allrite Home & Remodeling.

Insulation is your home’s protective barrier – it keeps thermal energy inside during the cold winter months and blocks it out throughout the dog days of summer. Our expert insulation and weatherization specialists use diagnostic testing to pinpoint the areas of your home in which that barrier is compromised. From attics to basements and all the floors and walls in between, we’ll help you select the proper services, save money with Focus on Energy Rebates, and increase your comfort while decreasing your energy bills.

Take advantage of lower energy bills AND great incentive programs like Focus on Energy and Milwaukee’s ME2 Program.

S & E Insulation is Wisconsin’s premier insulation company, serving all of Southeastern Wisconsin since 1992. A division of Allrite Home & Remodeling, we are a family-owned and operated company.

Thinking about adding insulation to your home?

We know Wisconsin weather. Because we’re an exterior home improvement company, we know how replacement windows, doors, roofing, siding AND insulation work together to help homeowners protect their property from the elements!

From the Frozen Tundra in winter to the Amazon Jungle in summer – and anything in between on any given day throughout the year – it’s hard to think of a climate that would better benefit from a well-insulated home.


Energy savings

Insulation at its core provides an additional barrier to the elements. Your HVAC units will need to run less because the inside air is kept in and the outside air is kept out. And if your heat runs less, and your central air runs less – guess what? Your energy bill runs less, too!


Home Weatherization

Our primary focus is the weatherization of homes. We can assess whether your energy loss is coming – whether it’s due to insulation, air sealing or ventilation.


Sound Deadening

Sound deadening insulation is used to reduce noise between rooms. If you have children or pets, the value of this home improvement cannot be underestimated! This type of insulation is also perfect for those who need a quiet home office space or a home theater room.


Ice Damming Prevention

Ice damming can be dangerous and damaging. The situation arises when warm air leaks from the living space and melts the snow, which runs down to the colder edge of the roof above the eaves and refreezes. Improved insulation will ensure that the warm air doesn’t escape and create this disastrous situation. Check out what Randy Miller, Owner of Allrite Home & Remodeling and S & E Insulation has to say about the causes of ice damming and how Allrite can help you solve it.

We insulate:

Crawl spaces
Cantilever overhangs


Insulation Services:

Air sealing
Attic insulation
Attic insulation removal
Wall insulation
Attic ventilation
Pipe insulation
Bath/kitchen exhaust ducting
Ice damming prevention
Roof and soffit venting
Crawl space insulation


Companion Services:

Roof Replacement
Replacement Windows & Doors
Siding Replacement


Insulation Types:

Fiberglass Insulation
Cellulose Insulation
Closed-Cell Spray Foam

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Energy Audits

TOP reasons to insulate

According to NAIMA (North American Insulation Manufacturers Association)



Reducing the need to run your heating/cooling systems directly reduces power plant CO2 emissions and lowers homeowners’ carbon footprint.



Over the past 15+ years, residential electricity prices have jumped 39%! The average homeowner spends $2,200/year on energy bills.


homeowner demand

Energy efficiency is an increasingly important factor for homeowners. Whether they’re looking to remain in their home or sell in the near future, an energy-efficient home is desired.


sound insulation

Noise can come from outside (sirens, traffic, neighbors) or inside (kids, TVs, music), and the sound control provided by insulation is an attractive benefit.


healthy home

The health of your home can directly affect the health of its inhabitants. And for those that suffer from asthma or allergies, protection from outside pollutants and allergens can be essential for well-being.

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