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Types of Windows & Doors

We install, remove and replace all types of windows and doors.

We’ll help you choose the right style and products for your home.

Types of Windows & Doors

When you decide to update and upgrade the windows in your home, its important to not only think about the shape and style of the new windows, but the materials they’re made out of as well. Start by making a list of your priorities. Is energy efficiency number one on your list? Do you frequently repaint or remodel your living space? We’ve got some quick facts about different windows below, but an Allrite design consultant can help guide you in choosing the best windows for your home.

Vinyl Windows

Increasing in popularity over the years, vinyl windows are a low-maintenance, energy efficient choice. Vinyl windows are precisely manufactured to create a tight air seal between the edge of the window frame and your home. This tight seal prevents air flow so your home will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Additionally, vinyl windows are the easiest to maintain and keep clean. Unlike wooden windows, they aren’t susceptible to rot or warping, and you can just wipe off any dirt or grime. In the long-run, vinyl windows are the most affordable choice. However, if you’re a fan of redecorating your space often, vinyl windows may not be for you, because they’re not easy to repaint and do not come in as many colors as wood windows.

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Wood Windows

Perhaps the most traditional window type found in homes, wood windows are definitely the most customizable. You can choose from different types of wood, stains and even paint colors – the options are endless! The best part is, if you get sick of your windows, it’s easy to paint or stain them a different color, giving them a new life. Wood windows are also strong insulators, and can lower energy costs by preventing air flow. Wood windows do require some maintenance and upkeep, as they are prone to wood rot, termites and cracking or warping due to heat and moisture. By keeping a proper air seal and insulation, adequately treating the wood and keeping your windows clean, they can last a lifetime.

Fiberglass Windows

Up to ten times stronger than vinyl windows, fiberglass windows are gaining popularity in the marketplace. Because they’re made of such strong materials, fiberglass windows are less bulky in appearance and give a low-profile appearance. Arguably the best insulator when it comes to windows, fiberglass windows conserve more energy and can save you money over time. They are extremely durable and resistant to cracks, dents and warping.

This all sounds too good to be true, so what’s the catch? Fiberglass windows can cost up to 25% more than vinyl and wood windows and in some cases can require a longer lead time. During the manufacturing process, the glass is mechanically fastened to the frame which may cause more air leaks, but this can be fixed with proper air sealing.

Exterior Entry & Storm Doors

While you’re replacing old windows, take a look at your exterior and storm doors. If your exterior entry doors are difficult to open or close, is rusty or has a lot of dents, it’s probably time to replace it. Doors not only help maintain privacy, they keep bugs, weather and moisture out. Replacing your doors at the same time as your windows is a cost-effective solution – our expert crews are already onsite! Choose a door with windows for extra natural light or one in a fun, complimentary color. When we replace your exterior door, we’ll check for proper insulation and air sealing to keep your heating and cooling costs down.

Consider adding a storm door while updating your entry. Storm doors allow you to adapt to the seasons by adding a glass panel during the cold winter months and a screen panel to keep pests out but allow air flow during spring and summer. They will seamlessly blend into your home’s exterior but add convenience and comfort to your home year round.

For excellent quality windows with a 20 year labor warranty and more glass area, we turn to Sunrise® Windows. When thinking about your next project, ask us how to incorporate a Sunrise product!

Window styles

So you’ve decided on the type of window you’d like to have installed – now it’s time to choose the style. The style of your windows can add character and charm to your home, and the possibilities are almost endless. Note: some window styles cannot be easily replaced. Some additional work may be required to make your dream window fit your desired space. Contact us to discuss your window replacement project.

Double Hung Windows

This type of window has two pieces that overlap. When you want to open the window, you slide one panel either up or down. These windows are great space savers, as they don’t take up any room inside or outside your home when open. Single hung windows are similar, but only the bottom panel slides up and the top panel remains stationary.

Casement Windows

Operated by turning a crank, these hinged windows open outward to the exterior of your home. The hinges can be installed on either the right or left side, depending on your preference or location of the window.

Awning Windows

With hinges at the top, these windows operate just like (you guessed it!) an awning. To open the window, you can either crank or gently push on the bottom to move the window outward. Keep your windows open when it rains! The glass acts like a shield and keeps water out of your home.

Picture Windows

If natural light is what you’re after, the perfect window style for you is a picture window. With all stationary panels, the large picture window will bathe your entire space in natural light and provide a great view!

Transom Windows

Traditionally mounted above a door or simpler window, this stylish stationary window adds character. Transom windows can open or remain stationary – whichever you prefer.

Slider Windows

Similar to the sliding operation of the double and single hung windows, slider windows easily slide side to side on a track. They’re extremely easy to operate and are most often used in modern and contemporary style homes.


Although stationary windows don’t open, they still provide natural light and outdoor views. Most of the time stationary windows accompany operational ones, or are located in places where operating a window is not feasible.

Bay Windows

These large, beautiful windows can increase a room’s square footage as they protrude outside your home. Adding a seating area or a bench seat near a bay window is a great way to take advantage of the beautiful views and extra space.

Brands of windows & doors

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