Are you looking to make a dramatic change that will improve your home's look and feel? New siding from Allrite Home & Remodeling is your answer. We have a large variety of siding options available to our clients, so you are sure to find the right style to fit your needs and your budget. Our new siding offers low maintenance, superior workmanship and solid warranties.

Not only is Allrite Home and Remodeling an award winning company, as part of our process we'll also help the homeowner with the design element. We do not have salesmen, we have Design Consultants. Each one of our design consultants go through extensive training in all products, installation techniques, and most importantly for the homeowner, color inspiration. We are one of only a few in Wisconsin to be a Certified Dream Home Professional through Mastic Siding. With any project, we are able to show the homeowner what the end project will look like. Unlike most of our competitors, this is not done with just little samples. We take an actual photo of your home and can place the different products and colors in all of the different areas. This way the homeowner will see what THEIR home will look like exactly.

Vinyl Siding InstituteAllrite Home and Remodeling is certified with many different manufacturers and are Vinyl Siding Institute Certified (VSI certified). Our crews are rquired to complete VSI classes and addtional training each year, to remain up to date on the different install techniques that are always changing in the remodeling industry. What does this mean for the homeowner? VSI entrust along with the manufacturers that we understand all different install techniques and practices, the homeowner receives an extended fully transferable LIFETIME material and labor warranty that is non-prorated including LIFETIME NO FADE for all of Allrite's siding projects.

Siding SampleWe are professional experts at installing, removing and replacing all types of siding, including:

  • vinyl shake siding
  • steel siding
  • aluminum siding
  • composite siding
  • cedar siding
  • fiber cement siding
  • fiberglass and pvc siding
  • stone veneer
  • siding accessories
  • lead and asbestos certified

Siding projects can also include insulation, gutters, roofing, windows and trim.

Uninsulated Back Vinyl

This siding is also known as hollow back vinyl. The products are available in different thicknesses from 0.038" to 0.050". The thicker the panel, the less likely the siding will crack or buckle during its life. Generally, the product only comes in smaller profiles such as 4" lap and 5" dutch lap. Luckily with the new manufacturing processes, dark colors are available with vinyl.

Uninsulated Back Vinyl

Insulated Back Vinyl

This siding is also known as structure vinyl. It has a profiled foam backer that the vinyl panel comes attached to from the factory. With the insulated back, the vinyl panel is given "structure" to prevent cracking. This also allows the panel to lay flat on the wall to give the siding a clear non-wavy look. The product comes in many different profiles from 4" lap, 4.5"-5" Dutch Lap, and 6"/7"/8" Lap. Just as the uninsulated back vinyl, dark colors are available.

Insulated Back Vinyl

Metal Siding

Metal siding consists of both aluminum and steel. This particular siding is losing foothold within the marketplace, but is still available. The steel siding comes in a very limited number of both profile and colors, while the aluminum siding in most cases only comes in white.

Metal Siding

Cedar Siding

For the historical home or the home in the HOA that requires natural material, cedar is your answer. Natural cedar finished and installed properly will last 25+ years. Cedar is available in different size profiles and can be custom finished to any paint color or stain.

Composite Siding

Composite siding offers the real look of smooth or rough cut cedar while offering the longevity and low maintenance benefits of vinyl. Product material comes in 4 forms of material from wood composite, fiber cement, PVC, and fiberglass. The product comes in all profiles for the home from lap siding, cedar shake, trim for the windows and doors, as well as material for the soffit and fascia on the home. As a rule can come in any color a homeowner would like, to stock colors.

Composite Siding

Vinyl Shake

Adding shake to any home will add that wow factor to the project. Vinyl shake comes in many different colors to accent the product along with different profiles. The profiles can be half round which goes very well with the Victorian style of the home, or if you want to go a little more rustic you can choose the hand split shake look.

Vinyl Shake Siding

Siding Accessories

When it comes to adding that last bit of flare to the home to make it all pop, the accessories do that for us. This can be new shutters on the home to door kits for the front door to add a touch of elegance.

Stone Veneer

Adding stone to any home project gives the house that last "piece de resistance" as they say. With many different colors and profiles of stone, any home no matter of the era there is a profile that will work for you. Add this piece of flair to your project as a small knee wall or whole wall section, all of the neighbors will be talking about it.

Stone Veneer Siding

Some Siding Tips:

  1. Insulated Vinyl Siding - Consider using insulated vinyl siding on your house. It costs more, but in the long run it will save you money. 
  2. Painting Vinyl Siding - Consult with your vinyl siding manufacturer before painting vinyl siding. Many manufacturers void their warranties if the siding is painted.
  3. Washing Vinyl Siding -  Wash vinyl siding with a soft cloth or ordinary long-handled soft-bristle brush. For textured surfaces, use only a soft-bristle brush to keep the grooves in the texture stain free. 
  4. Using a Power Washer - When using a power washer you should read the washer instructions carefully before use. Do not aim the power washer upward as water may be driven behind the siding.

 We use only the finest products.
 Here are some of the premium companies that Allrite Home & Remodeling does business with:

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