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Shedding Some Light on Solar Panels for Your Home

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With some thoughtful planning and a versatile partner, you can make this smart investment seem even smarter.

No matter your motivation, solar panels can be a great investment for any home.

Whether you’re motivated by climate change, grid challenges, rising energy costs or some combination of the three, installing solar panels on your home can be a practical – and worthwhile – investment. And with equipment costs and installation times growing more and more reasonable over the years, many people are strongly considering adding a solar power system to their home.

In order to get the most bang for your sun-powered buck, there are a few things you should evaluate before you schedule an install. 

Critical things to consider before installing solar panels

The smart first step is understanding what (if any) resources, rebates and tax incentives are available to you, and whether or not you qualify for the Focus On Energy program. Energy Sage has created a great online resource for every state, including our customers here in Wisconsin.

Once that’s out of the way: it’s time to talk logistics:

  • Is there enough space on your roof to make solar panel installation worthwhile?
  • Can your roof support the weight of a solar-panel system?
  • Which direction will your solar panels face? (General consensus is to have them face south, especially for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.)
  • How will the shape of your roof – and how water runs down it – be impacted by the solar panel equipment? And how can you avoid leaks and other damages from this water flow adjustment?
  • How will your panels connect to the grid?

Ultimately, the health and lifespan of your solar-panel system hinges on the health and lifespan of your roof.

For solar-panel success, choose a contractor with roofing expertise.

When it comes to giving your solar panels a solid foundation, a healthy roof is key. That’s why we recommend to all of our Milwaukee-area homeowners that it’s best to begin the process by evaluating your roof’s condition and considering replacing your roof before installing solar panels. It can be incredibly costly to remove solar panels to repair a roof! A qualified solar panel expert like our partners at Current Electric should advise you on this. 

Take the proper steps towards solar-panel installation and long-term efficiency.

Let Allrite get you started on a successful solar panel installation. Since 1969, we’ve built a reputation as one of the Metro Milwaukee area’s best roofers. Our award-winning team works with almost every roof style – plus you can also take comfort in the fact that we are full-service exterior remodeling experts who can advise you on a plethora of exterior remdeling needs, giving you the most comprehensive approach possible. 



Allrite has more than 50 years of experience, continuous education and excellent product and service warranties.

With quality roofing products from Allrite, your home is safe from the elements.

We treat our customers right: Allrite has an A+ with the BBB and 4.7 stars on Google.

You get product warranties AND Allrite’s service guarantee.

When you want it done right, call Allrite!

For siding, roofing, windows, insulation and more – contact us for a free consultation.

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